Welcome! My name is Tawanda and I'm a wife coach. I help women of God get mentally and spiritually positioned as wives by renewing their minds according to the Word of God in the midst of marital hardship.

I'm so glad you're here!

As your wife coach I advocate for your marriage however, my job is not your marriage, it's you, the wife. Getting you properly positioned mentally and spiritually changes everything. You begin to move in your marriage and in your life in ways you never had before.

When you work with me if God decides to fully renew your marriage you will be positioned to navigate it fruitfully in your renewed mind. If He does not, you still come out of that season renewed by Christ. Not bitter, not broken, not harboring unforgiveness or other ill feelings that will stand in the way of your purpose or prosperity.

If you are in a season of marital hardship and need help navigating that space, I'm ready to serve you.